Outdoor Research ASPIRE & FORAY hardshells (2017)

We present you 2 hardshell jackets perfect as an outer layer: Outdoor Reasearch ASPIRE (for women) and Outdoor Research FORAY (for men).

We tested them out in the 2017 – 2018 winter season and we’re very pleased with them 🙂

These are hardshell jackets and their role is to protect you from wind and water.

We recommend having hardshells with you no matter the season when you’re hiking up the mountains since you never want water, snow or wind reach the skin.

These jackets come with a GORE-TEX membrane which make them waterproof and windproof but also allow a certain degree of breathability from the inside towards the outside.

We’d say it’s not top notch breathability-wise since it can’t cope so well if you’re the kind of person who sweats a lot.

It’s 100% waterproof.

Stitching is not visible which means it’s well protected from water getting in.

The pockets are also protected from water getting in and the main front zipper is a special waterproof zipper.

We got excellent wind protection from these jackets. And we actually did put them to a harsh test up in the Țarcu Mountains.

We didn’t feel any wind getting passed! Perfect 🙂

Weight-wise we’d say it’s average because we’ve had lighter hardshells.

We’d like to thank Annapurna (https://www.annapurna.ro/) for offering this product for test both for men and for women 🙂

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