The Roman Baths in Cetea

One of Romania’s hidden beauties lays just 30 km away from the beautiful city of Alba Iulia and reaching it is very easy. If you’re searching for a great place to cool down, this is the place to be!

Brief useful information:
Date: August 2016
Distance: 1 km
Route: Cetea village – The Roman Baths
Slope: +70 m/ – 70 m
Duration: 1 h (round trip, including a break at the waterfall)
Signposting: none
Difficulty:  1/10 (very easy, even for children)
While driving on the DN1 highway between Alba Iulia and Teiuș, turn towards Poiana Galdei, then continue towards Benic and the turn right towards the village of Cetea.

The road is asphalted and very well maintained but you’ll have a short section of dirt road after Cetea village until the start of the trail that you can see in the picture below.

Leave your car here and continue on foot for 1 km.
After about 20 minutes you’ll reach a beautiful waterfall, called the Roman Baths in Cetea.

This waterfall is the last of 4 waterfalls that form upstream in the Cetii Gorges. The waterfall’s flow is impressive including in summer. We were here at the end of August.
A metal ladder climbs through the waterfall and it’s a true adrenaline rush to climb all the way up while being pounded by very cold water. It’s a lot of fun in a hot summer 😊

Canyoning amateurs can test their skills by going over the gorges on a secondary road and then climb down through the gorges themselves. This is possible only with specialised equipment of course.
 The route on the map:

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