7 Ladders Canyon – rock maze through waterfalls

We had a very active 2015 summer. We travelled a lot in Romania so we have enough to tell you about 😀 This year was dedicated to yet another tour but this one was somehow different: it was dedicated to the Carpathian Mountains and it was an adventure tour 🙂 Just before finishing this tour we reached the area near Brașov. We were a lot of times in Brașov or near Brașov but we never included a spectacular monument of nature: 7 Ladders Canyon.

Brief useful information:

Date: 24th of July 2015
Duration & signposting:  50 min (from Timișu de Jos until entering the canyon, signposting:), 30 min (going through the canyon), 20 min (from the canyon exit until the tax point, signposting:)

Difficulty: easy
Slope: +400m/-400m
Track type: circuit
Distance: 8km
Visiting ticket: 10 lei/adult, 5 lei/child
Many Romanians travel on the DN1 highway linking Bucharest to Brașov. It’s the main route used by the inhabitants of Bucharest to go to the Bucegi Mountains near Brașov. Although this is one of the busiest roads in Romania few people know that very close to this road, in Timișu de Jos, you can find the stunning 7 Ladders Canyon. It must be said that it’s probably the most well known canyon in Romania but mostly by the inhabitants of the Bucharest – Brașov area.

I admit that after exploring Stan Valley I didn’t think I could easily get impressed by any other canyon in Romania….but I was wrong! 😀 I wouldn’t say I like it more than Stan Valley in the Făgăraș Mountains but it certainly is on second place 🙂 There are indicators on the side of the road guiding you to the parking lot where you can leave your car. From there on, it’s on foot for you!


At first, it’s pretty boring because you just follow a dirt road on the Șipoaia Valley but things get a lot more interesting after reaching the forest. First of all, you can tell that this is a main tourist attraction since there is a good tourist infrastructure: railing, stairs, small wooden bridges and a clear trail. One more thing I should mention is that we were blown away when we saw giant ladders climbing on the tall tree trunks. We finally concluded that they are part of a large zip line system. But more about that at the end of the article 😀
After about 40 minutes you reach the nice wooden house you see above. This is the ticket office and also the place where you can rent the equipment for the zip line. This is also the returning point after we exit the canyon and entering a special trail signposted withwhich is meant to complete the circuit. From this wooden house you only have 10 minutes left until getting to the canyon entrance and until you’ll have to climb the first set of ladders out of the total 7, hence the name of this canyon 🙂

The stairs which you use to enter this magic world of rock and waterfalls are brand new and very safe. However you must know that they vary in height from 2 meters to 15 meters. And I’m talking about vertical climbs so you shouldn’t look down if you’re afraid of heights 😀

We dive inside the rock maze, for me the most spectacular places that nature has created in Romania. We love canyons and gorges because you are overwhelmed with so many natural phenomenons in such a small space. It’s a unique feeling in my opinion. We were lucky that the canyon wasn’t crowded (it’s usually crowded during summertime) and we got to enjoy this beautiful experience and just admire it as beautiful as it is!

The 7 Ladders Creek from Piatra Mare Mountain (Big Rock Mountain) is responsible for creating this stunning place: a true sculpture in rock, 50 meters deep. Beautiful! The 7 ladders take you upstream through the 7 drops that form impressive waterfalls. Talking about waterfalls, the highest one, 15 meters high has a ladder that is so close to it that you sometimes risk getting a bit wet 😀 But also mind that the ladder at this particular waterfall gets wet and is very easy to slip! Generally you usually explore this canyon flabbergasted and amazed by its beauty and size. The walls are tens of meters high and just a few meters from one another. It’s incredible! 🙂 Behold:

The canyon is pretty short: about the 200 meters long but it’s very impressive. You certainly won’t loose your time exploring it and you’ll walk away with beautiful memories. If I were to compare it to Stan Valley I’d say that 7 Ladders Canyon is more accessible to any kind of tourists, even children. It’s easier to cross and takes less time. Don’t forget that the Stan Valley canyon takes 5 hours to cross, it’s longer and steeper and a bit more dangerous.

We took tens of pictures and I’m glad we had time to admire this natural wonder and be absorbed by its magic. Many of the places we visited in Romania are more spectacular and more beautiful than other major tourist attractions abroad but the touristic infrastructure is not particularly great and also these places are not promoted. That’s why we’re here for 😀

Below you can see several images from our canyon crossing and then we come back by telling you about the trail back and we’ll give you more info about the zip line system that you can find here 🙂

I hope you weren’t bothered by the photo break in this post but it’s kind of hard to put in words everything you see here. It’s better to just look at it and that’s it. No, excuse me, it’s even better to go and explore it for yourself 🙂

We now reach the end of the 7 Ladders Canyon but you can imagine how cool it is since it took us half an hour to cross 200 meters of canyon :)) There’s a lot to see and wonder about. When the high rock walls end you enter the forest once again and you must follow the trail signposted with. Initially the trail is pretty flat, then you climb a very short distance after which it’s only down hill until the ticket office that I showed you earlier.

Now let me tell you about the zip line! 🙂 There are many very tall ladders climbing beside the tree trunks and many wooden platforms high up in the trees. The idea is that you are able to return to your car (not exactly in the parking lot, but only 15 minutes-walk away) by going on the zip line from the ticket office. There you can rent the equipment, you are instructed by someone how it works and off you are: going from one tree to another in a series of impressive zip lines, tens of them actually!

Our friends that joined us in this tour decided to take the aerial route back to the car :)) Unfortunately for me someone had to document their adventure high up in the trees so I couldn’t go… (or maybe I was too scared, I don’t remember 😀).

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