Bănița Gorge – water, rock, sculpture

We promised that we will promote lesser known places in Romania and as soon as we discover them ourselves we’ll share them with you. One of these places is Bănița Gorge. You can find them in Hunedoara county, near the town of Petroșani right off E 79 highway. It’s a spectacular and fascinating place that is worth getting yourself into water to cross it.

Brief useful information:

Date: August 2013
Duration: 40 minutes (roundtrip)
Difficulty: easy
Equipment: you cross it by going through water and you should have some water shoes, that have an adherent sole
Nearby attractions: Șipot waterfalls  (~ 20 km),  Bolii cave (~ 2 km)

Bănița Gorge are one of the most spectacular gorges seen by us in Romania. The coolest part is that they’re basically unknown. We just heard about them and we were lucky enough to find them.

Bănița gorges – starting point

The trail start on the side of the E 79 highway before the hairpin corners in the direction from Hațeg towards Petroșani. There you can stop at a semi abandoned gas station. You can leave your car here and continue on foot. Weirdly enough you need to cross a private property in order to reach the gorges. It’s the yard of a logging company. No one asked us anything, maybe there’s another way to get here than trespassing 😀

When you reach the staring point, which you can see the in the picture above, you can put on your water shoes and enter the water. There is no other way to cross the gorges than through the water. It’s very refreshing! Don’t worry, the water is not deep and the maximum depth was until my knees. Of course you must come here in the summer when the water level is low.

Bănița gorges

The gorges are formed by the Bănița river which carved its way through the limestone wall in thousand of years. The gorges walls are 10 – 15 meters high. The shape of the walls are very interesting. They’re not up straight. Some regions are inwards the gorges. Most probably this phenomenon is due to the varying flow of water over the years and seasons. The gorges are very short but very spectacular.

You must stop here if you’re on you’re passing Petroșani. It’s and amazing place to be in and you can only admire nature’s perfect work. Slow but beautiful 🙂

Bănița gorges
Bănița gorges
Bănița gorges
Bănița gorges
Bănița gorges

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