Corcoaia Gorge – stone sculpture

Strong fragrances are kept in small bottles goes an old saying. It can well be applied to Corcoaia Gorges in the village of Cerna. You can find them 43 km away from Băile Herculane spa resort in Western Romania. These gorges are short but spectacular 🙂

To get to these gorges you need a bit of patience because the access road is catalogued as a national highway, talking about DN 66 A, but it’s actually a forgotten dirt road. It’ll take you about an hour to get to the gorges from the point where you leave the tarmac on DN 67 D. The first part of this road is very spectacular since you’re crossing a special part of the Cerna Valley where the stone walls are very high and very close. You’ll also stop a few times to watch the Cerna river raging downstream battling with huge boulders. See for yourself in the images above 🙂

The first settlement you reach is the village of Cerna which is a little creepy. Looks kind of deserted. Anyway, you cross the village and after the last house you will get to the concrete wall that you can see in the picture below. Leave your car here and you’re right at the entrance in the gorges. It takes about 20 minutes to cross them because they are only 300 meters long.

So what’s so special about these gorges? Well the answer is quite simply: their shape 🙂 They have a tunnel – like shape which is unique, at least in our experience. It feels like walking in a different world, a world perfectly carved in stone. The tunnel – like shape indicates that at some point the water flowing here had very strong currents and much more force so that it was able to carve a wider part of the stone walls.

Getting here is not easy, they are pretty short but I assure you that once you get here and see their spectacular shape you’ll find all the effort was worth it 🙂 So next time when you’re in Herculane, take two-three hours to visit these spectacular gorges! 🙂


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