Ion Creangă memorial house in Humulești

Our 2014 summer tour all over Romania took us to Moldova, in North – Eastern Romania, where we visited a lot of places in the few days we had available for this region: we did a really nice mountain trail in the Ceahlău Mountains, we visited the surprising Iași, we admired the stunning Voroneț Monastery, and we drove on the winding shores of the superb Bicaz Lake.

On our way out of Moldova, and into Maramureș in Northern Romania, we also passed through the town of Târgu Neamț. Here we already told you about our visit to Neamț Fortress which we found in tip-top shape. So, because we were already in Târgu Neamț we thought we’d also visit Ion Creangă memorial house in Humulești. Humulești is now part of Târgu Neamț, but back in the days it used to be a separate village.

In this beautifully restored house, the famous Romanian story-teller Ion Creangă (1837 – 1889) was born and spent his childhood. The small house has two very small rooms and a porch which now is the resting place for the sun loving geraniums as you can see in the photos.

Ion Creangă is known by all Romanians who read his stories, especially the ones that made him famous: Childhood Memories. For those who read these stories this house and its surroundings is a very special place since almost all the stories happen right here, in the ex-village of Humulești 🙂

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