Mărișel plateau via Tarnița Lake by car

We had to go to Cluj – Napoca on a semi – planned trip and since we spent a few days there we wanted to discover a picturesque area close to the city: Mărișel plateau.

And we also discovered other nice places around the city since we can’t really stay put if we have a bit of free time 😀

Along with a couple of friends from the city we decided to explore the road from Cluj to Mărișel since we heard it’s beautiful.

Mărișel is just 50 km away from Cluj – Napoca (about 1.5 h drive) but you’ll certainly stop a few times along the way to take some photos.

In Gilău turn towards Mărișel on the 107P road.

Once you enter this road almost immediately the series of three lakes start: Gilău, Someșul Cald and Tarnița.

All three of them are storage lake formed on the Someșul Cald river.

We stopped close to the Tarnița Lake in a parking on the side of the road just before a left curve.

We followed a trail into the wood for about 10 mins. and we reached the banks of the lake and took some photos from an interesting angle.

You should note that the tarmac on this road, especially along the lakes, is not the best and you’ll have to avoid quite a few potholes.

We drive higher up the road until we completely get out of the forest.

All of the sudden we find ourselves on a beautiful plateau with a few wooden houses here and there, with wooden fences protecting the animal’s grazing lands.

You’re welcome by a typical Romanian picturesque landscape on an interesting plateau delimited by deep precipices and this setup is quite surprising to find here.

We continue to follow the road heading towards the Beliș – Fântânele Lake that we hope the get to photograph from a high vantage point.

We couldn’t find that perfect shot spot so we head back to Mărișel.

We stopped to grab a bite at rustic and traditional guesthouse with great food 🙂

We were here in December but I’m sure that in the summer you can but local meat and dairy products straight from the people here and they will be delicious, that’s for sure.

If you live in Cluj or you’re just visiting we recommend you get a car and drive up to Mărișel. You’ll love it! 🙂

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