MTB near Săvârșin

We always start the mountain – biking season with a warm-up route. Not to hilly, not so much offroad, not such a long distance, just enough to get us started after the winter season.
This year we chose Săvârșin in Arad county as the place where we do this miniature tour 🙂 This place is better known for the Royal Caste it has than for the beautiful mountainous surroundings it’s placed in.

Brief useful information:

 Date: 3rd of April 2016
Route: Săvârșin – Pârnești – Lupești – Stejar
Distance: 19 km
Altitude difference: +122 m/ -122 m
Duration: 1h
Difficulty: easy
We park our cars in the parking lot just in front of the Royal Castle in the centre of Săvârșin. We tried to visit the castle, I even rang the bell but there was no answer. I think it’s off limits for now at least and tourists cannot visit it. The castle has recently been restored together with its annexes and it looks great!

I think it would be a great idea to allow visitors to see the castle and the amazing park that surrounds it. The royal family could make some money in order to better take care of the property and tourists could see a beautiful castle 🙂
The Zărand Mountains are filled with picturesque landscapes, surprisingly difficult trails for such low-altitude mountains (highest peak is 799 m) which can be done both on foot or with a MTB. For today’s route we chose 100% asphalt road (at least by the time you read this it will be 100% because 3 or 4 km were missing when we were there).

Until the village of Pârnești the road is very easy, through a forest on a valley. So much peace and quiet and very pleasant for a warm-up tour 🙂
Starting from Pârnești there is a more abrupt climb, under 2 km long. This part was freshly asphalted when we were here in April 2016. When you get to the top of the climb there is an orchard on the right where we stopped for a longer break.

This orchard is the perfect place for a lunch break. The scenery is very picturesque up here and we got to see the rebirth of nature after a long winter.
For us the asphalt ends immediately after we start descending to Lupești. The road turn into a dirt road. For you however, the asphalt will continue because they were finishing up the job when we were there.

In the image above you can see the final part of the descent to Lupești which intersects the road to Stejar. Here, at this crossroads you can find a bar where you can get some refreshments and some food.
After a short stop at the bar we continue to the last leg of our journey towards the village of Stejar on a very, very beautiful valley 🙂 Actually this valley was a complete surprise for us. We had no idea how beautiful it is. On the right side we have a dense forest, the valley on the right side delimited by a beautiful stone pier and in the middle we had a perfectly asphalted road 🙂 Brilliant!

1 or 2 km before reaching Stejar we decide to stop on the side of the road to watch a flock of sheep. One stood out from the crowd (picture below) and followed us insistently 😀 We conclude that we should stop here because getting back to Săvârșin by continuing would mean going on the DN 7 road which is very busy. So we decide to go back on the same route in order to make a fast descent back to Pârnești on the fresh asphalt 😀
Our route on the map:

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