Neamț Monastery and Mihail Sadoveanu’s house

Just 15 km away from the town of Târgu Neamț, the beautiful Neamț Monastery amazes you through its simplicity and architectural style. The keywords here are: rock and wood. It’s a place full of spirituality where you can sit in peace in the middle of nature.

entrance tunnel inside the Monastery courtyard
main tower
living spaces

Neamț Monastery, also named the Jerusalem of Romanian Orthodoxy is a really special place which you should visit if you’re in Moldova in North – East Romania. It’s interesting that you feel very protected here especially because of the surrounding nature. The Monastery is surrounded by wooded highlands.

The beginning of the church and the monastery is not precisely known but some engravings discovered on a bell indicate that the first buildings here date back to the 14th century. Alexander the Good, Stephen the Great and other Moldavian rulers who wanted support from the Church offered the monastery estates,  vineyards, forests, ponds and many others.

The Church
The Church
The Church

The current church,  founded by Stephen the Great, is the main historical and architectural monument inside the monastery and is of a great beauty. The church tower rises from the middle and nine massive buttresses hold the walls right up until the vaults. The facade is beautifully decorated in authentic Moldavian style which resulted form combining the Byzantine and Gothic styles.

The Church
The Church
stone and brick
beautifully crafted iron gate and stone walls

The church is protected by big defence walls where you can also find the living quarters. You can also find accommodation here. The courtyard is actually a big park, full of trees, beautiful flowers, all very well maintained. It’s a very nice place to relax and breath the fresh air, far from any cities and right in the middle of the Moldavian forests.Inside the monastery you can also a visit a museum where you can see all kind of medieval artefacts including the crown of Stephen the Great. You can see it in one of the pictures below.
the crown of Stephen the Great

Mihail Sadoveanu Museum


After we returned from the monastery we discovered that we could visit Mihail Sadoveanu’s house which was right in our way back to the main road. You should stop here and visit this beautiful house which contains a lot of valuable and interesting things.

Probably most of the Romanian readers of this site have read Sadoveanu’s books such as Baltagul, Neamul Șoimăreștilor or Frații Jderi. Sadoveanu is one of the most well known Romanian writers. He wrote novels, short stories but he was also a Member of the Romanian Academy and a politician. He was also the President of the Senate.

His house, close to Neamț Monastery, is very beautiful on the outside but also on the inside. Here you can see many things that belonged to Sadoveanu: typewriters, furniture, clothes, paintings and many other things. You can also see a piano which was also played by the greatest Romanian composer, violinist and pianist George Enescu. The funny thing is that when we were visiting a group of school children together with their teachers were also visiting. One of the teachers, hearing that the piano was also played by George Enescu, was allowed to play herself and she proved to be very talented and the piano in a very good shape 🙂


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