Padina Fest – music festival high up in the Bucegi Mountains

We want to tell you about our fun experience at Padina Fest up in the Bucegi Mountains at an altitude of 1500 m. For a few years now we heard about this festival and the stars never aligned for us to reach this place 🙂 However, in the summer of 2015, after we explored the highest mountains in Romania, we decided to relax and have fun at this festival.
The line-up was awesomeRobin And The Backstabbers, Șuie Paparude, Alternosfera, Niște Băieți, Luna Amară and others. These are Romanian rock bands especially. Only Șuie Paparude is electronic.
From Sinaia (the well known mountain resort where you can visit Peleș Royal Castle) you are only 30 km away from Padina.

From Sinaia go towards Târgoviște on DN 77 and then, in a hairpin curve, turn right on DJ 713A + DJ 714. You’ll get there in about 45 minutes, but don’t forget it is a mountain road and it has several parts where it’s very narrow. The good part is that the road that leads you to the heart of the mountain has been modernised in 2015.

To tell you the truth we ended up going on the wrong road towards Padina because of Google Maps. We drove for tens of kilometres on a dirt road. I guess Google Maps did not know the direct and shorter route has just been modernised. It took us 3 times more to reach Padina :))) Anyway, the funny part was that we also passed by the village of Glod, where the famous Borat movie was shot :)))

Finally we reached Padina. Hundreds (if not thousands of tents) occupied this plateau in the Bucegi Mountains. We tried to hurry up and find a place for our tents but we ended up searching for about half an hour for a good place to put them. We also had to reorganise our luggage and it just happened that while we were doing that Luna Amară was on stage and we kind of missed them 🙁 At least we heard them.
The concerts in the second day were the most waited for. We were present at every performance and it was awesome: the audience was in a good mood, so were the bands, the music was good and the place (high-up in the mountains) was perfect. What more do you want? 🙂 Șuie Paparude closed the festival with an awesome performance and the public went wild! Big up Bean! The best sound award goes to to Alternosfera, a band from The Republic of Moldova. They were great!

Padina is very weird, weather-wise. Or at least it was when we were there. During the day it was very hot but during the nights we froze in our tents with temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius. The organisers did they’re job. There were many spaces for relaxing, they even had showers, many toilets but at some point they were truly overcrowded by the thousands of people that attended this festival.
The second day at Padina was a very active one…for others :)) Not for me. I decided to relax after so many mountains conquered 😀 In the restricted area (accessible only to those with tickets) near the stage there were many places for relaxing. A lot of hammocks, then some areas with trimmed canvas as a roof in order for people to relax in the shade. A zip line was also set up. The fun thing about this zip line is that it crossed a creek and every time a person was above the creek one of the organisers waited with a bucket of cold water so that the person went happily through a water wall. Why happily? Well, it was very hot outside 😀
We also saw Indian – like tents where talented youngsters sold they’re own handmade creation: jewelry, different accessories or clothes. Then there was also a mountain marathon starting from Padina and then reaching Omu Peak (2507 m) only to return back to Padina. We also had a friend that participated and came 7th. A great performance. Congrats Alex!
Although I slept for about 3 hours in a hammock I was not lazy the whole day 😀 Ialomicioara Cave was also being inaugurated the same day. It’s only a 10-15 minutes walk from Padina. It’s very easy to reach it and this day was special since the cave was modernised in order to make it more appealing and safer to the public. The inauguration also meant that the Camerata Muntenia choir had a performance inside the cave. And it was awesome! 🙂 After the inauguration the public was given free access to visit the cave newly fitted with sidewalks, railings and architectural lighting. This cave is huge with generous galleries and it is worth visiting it!

We hope that next year, at the end of July you’ll find time to go to this beautiful festival in the middle of nature. It’s a place where nature is appreciated and protected, where you’ll meet some amazing people and hear great music. If you come to the festival you also have other things to do during the day such as: explore the trails of the Bucegi Mountains, visit Ialomicioara Cave or, if you are experimented, explore Horoaba Valley (not signposted and difficult).

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