Râmeț Gorge – nature and adventure

The summer of 2013 was very hot and our bike tour around the Apuseni Mountains took its toll. A lot of sun, sweat, effort but not in vein of course! We saw some pretty amazing places, like Rimetea village which we already told you about in the previous post.

After we climbed mountains, through forests, through meadows, did some amazing down hill sessions we wanted a perfect ending: in water! 🙂 For this we chose Râmeț Gorges which we never saw before. We read a lot about them and we felt crossing them would be a great experience.

After we left Rimetea, we headed to Aiud. Then, in Teiuș, we made a right turn towards the village of Geoagiu de Sus on DJ 750C road. We arranged for accommodation at a nice guest house called Casa Butnarului. The guest house is just outside Geoagiu de Sus on the way to Râmeț Monastery. We loved it here because you feel exactly like home.

An omelette is not truly and omelet at Casa Butnarului

The guest house where we stayed is owned by a very nice family. You can even rent bikes here to explore the area. The owners can also give you detailed information about the available touristic trails in the area.
We want to tell you about a very nice surprise we had in the last day of our stay when we ordered breakfast here. So, we ordered breakfast and we were expecting a classical breakfast omelette. The omelette came right away and we started eating. Soon after though the lady of the house came with two huge plateaus filled with ham, cheese, onion, cucumbers, tomatoes, you name it. It was amazing, and we only paid like you would pay for just an omelette. It was extremely delicious and we never forgot that breakfast. We thank them to this day! 🙂 We recommend you make reservations here when you come visit Râmeț Gorges! These people truly appreciate this beautiful area and struggle to make it known in order for other people to discover it.
Casa Butnarului Guest House
Casa Butnarului Guest House

Râmeț Gorges – adrenaline rush crossing the bottom of tens of meters high mountain sides

Having our base camp at Casa Butnarului guest house, where we already established you shall not starve :)), we started off on our bikes towards Râmeț Monastery, our first stop on our way to the gorges. We got there pretty fast since there only 7 km between the guest house and the monastery. The road has tarmac on it and is very good. We stopped for a couple of minutes at the monastery, took some fast pictures and looked around pretty quickly since we were not exactly properly dressed for this place.
Soon after we continued towards the gorges on our bikes. The road was fun and soon narrowed down to a dirt trail. We loved it. You cross a forest and some grill places where people come to spend a day in nature with their friends and family. After a short narrow dirt trail we enter the stone canyon.

Râmeț Gorges
Râmeț Gorges

The gorges crossing starts pretty spectacular. You are surrounded by very high limestone walls, tens of meters high. The course of the Râmeț river, which formed these gorges, is filled with boulders. The further you go the boulders are larger. At the beginning the course of the Râmeț river is pretty wide, about 15 – 20 meters wide. We encountered many tourists here which all enjoy adventure tourism. The adventure starts a bit further down the gorges where the water is deeper and deeper 🙂
Râmeț Gorges
Râmeț Gorges
Râmeț Gorges – will he make it? 🙂

In order to cross the gorges we recommend you wear water shoes. We have something similar to these. They are very useful when going through water because they are very adherent and prevent you from falling off the slipper underwater rocks. Theoretically the track through the gorges is fitted with chains and cables in order for tourists to avoid crossing the water but I think it’s more fun going through the water, it’s summer anyway! 🙂
Râmeț Gorges– stone trails
Râmeț Gorges – crowded on the cables, better through the water 🙂
Râmeț Gorges – “U” – shaped steel supports for legs and hands

Initially I also avoided entering the water because it wasn’t exactly warm, especially in the deeper areas. But, because there were a lot of tourists that day and queues began to form in the sections fitted with cables, I decided to go through the water, no crowds there :)) I wasn’t the only one however and it felt much better since crossing on the cables means more effort. It was funny to pass by people struggling with the cables and I was walking relaxed in the water 😀

Râmeț Gorges – stone and water, beautiful!
Râmeț Gorges – stone and water, beautiful!

The track through the gorges is super spectacular. The gorges narrow down very much and it seems like you walking through a flooded stone tunnel carved by nature. We generally love crossing gorges. I find the mix, between stone and water amazing. As we were going further the gorges were more and more spectacular. Huge boulders began to appear and we had to bypass them. The side walls of the gorges were coming closer and closer to us. We reached a beautiful spot where nature formed a natural stone portal as you can see in the image below.
Râmeț Gorges – stone portal
Râmeț Gorges – huge boulders to bypass
Râmeț Gorges – balance

There is a section in these gorges where you have to go through the water because there were no cables mounted as far as I remember. The water here is pretty deep, as you can see in the image below. It’s nothing to be afraid of. I really liked it. The only thing I recommend is that you don’t spend too much time in the water since it cold even in the hottest summer days.

Râmeț Gorges are pretty long, 1.2 kilometres long to be exact and the track begins at Râmeț Monastery and end in Cheia village. We didn’t complete the track since we turned round to get our bikes which we left at the start of the gorges. It was an amazing adventure, it’s super spectacular and you have to try this at least once in you lifetime, although I guarantee you’ll come again 🙂

Râmeț Gorges – can’t avoid water here

Thee Gorges are very accessible, you don’t need any expensive gear or technical skills. Just a decent physical condition is enough. Nearby you can also visit: Alba Carolina Citadel in Alba Iulia, Rimetea village and Piatra Secuiului or Turda Salt Mine.

Map (Casa Butnarului guest house – Râmeț Monastery – Râmeț Gorges):

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