Râșnov Fortress – travelling to the medieval times

We’ve first visited Râșnov Fortress in 2007 and since then we’ve come back a couple of times. Out last visit: the summer of 2015. Every time we got here we saw things evolve so that tourists can have an easier access to this beautiful place!

trail towards the North entrance
Râșnov Fortress is one of the most beautiful and well maintained fortresses in Romania. It’s only 15 km away from Brașov and we can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t drop by to see it 🙂 There are 3 ways to reach the inside of the fortress. And yes, it’s quite important to reach it since it’s surrounded by 150 m deep abysses 😀

The most modern and recent way of getting inside is using the cableway 🙂 Indeed it’s the latest and funiest way of getting up there. It only takes about a minute but it’s worth the ride 🙂 There’s a catch however. Finding the cableway is not that easy since it’s in the courtyard of an old house in the Union Square (Piața Unirii), in the centre of Râșnov. When we were here in 2015 the entire Union Square was under construction and was, actually, a big hole. I think they intend to modernise the square as well and build an underground parking lot. I’m sure they’ll put out signs towards the cableway once they’re finished.

South entrance
From the same courtyard, where you can also stop at the restaurant opened there, you can find the second and most difficult way of getting inside the fortress: by foot on a path inside the forest 🙂 This is the way we used back in 2007 since we didn’t know any other way :)) It’s quite a hike, I must admit, but you’ll get a good exercise on the flip side.

The third (and last) way of reaching the fortress is if you drive on Cetății Street until you get to a big parking lot on the left. There are also some restaurants and sports facilities. You leave your car there and wait for a “train bus” with carts to take you up 🙂 If you choose this last access route, after you finish visiting the fortress, you can then continue on this street and also visit a recently modernised and beautiful cave – Fortress Valley Cave. It’s just 1.5 km from the fortress, on the right side of the road. You can also get lucky and enjoy a concert in the cave, because during summer these concerts happen several times a week as far as we know 🙂
Now let’s tell you why we love this fortress so much! 🙂 Well inside these beautiful stone walls lay tight and winding streets, just the way we like them 😀 You can find all kinds of small shops selling medieval artifacts. Most of them are very nice, no kitsch. It’s a real pleasure to have a walk on these streets defended by these walls which are painted in an amazing yellow colour. I would call this colour Râșnov – yellow 😀 This colour makes a perfect match with the slightly old orange tiles on the roof tops. It’s a true medieval experience!
You can also visit the museum where you can see some beautiful medieval artifacts found right here in the citadel. Then you can take a walk inside the fortress walls. Yes, you can do that! 🙂 Since we keep mentioning the medieval times let’s get you straight on a few historical facts. The Râșnov Fortress was first mentioned in documents in 1335. The 13th and 14th centuries have been the main periods when these kind of fortresses were built all around this region (called Țara Bârsei – Bârsa County). This is the reason you can see today so many medieval fortresses around Brașov. They were built so that the villagers could refuge inside in case of Tatar invasion. We already wrote about another fortress: Prejmer Fortress.
The fortress has two courtyards: the interior courtyard and the exterior courtyard. The exterior courtyard is the one you walk in when you enter via the South entrance. In the summertime this courtyard is the guest of all kind of workshops including archery, medieval-style fights and a wide variety of medieval weapons and armoury.

The interior courtyard is the “commercial” one but, as I said, you can really buy nice things from the small shops opened here. Beside walking on the tight and winding streets you can also get to the highest point in the fortress. Here you have a very beautiful panoramic view with the fortress itself and the surrounding area.

We can only let you admire the pictures taken by us (mostly in 2007, so they may not be of the best quality :D) and hope they convince you visit this really beautiful fortress. Don’t miss it! 🙂

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