The Picturesque Highways of Romania: Rucăr – Bran

This post is going to be a special one, maybe a new beginning. Maybe a new series after the Bike Tours series. Let’s call it The Picturesque Highways of Romania. I think you figured out by now that we’re serious travellers in Romania. Just check out our Tracks & Places page 😀

Well, for the inaugural post we thought to write about the highway that connects Rucăr with Bran. By the way, in Bran you can visit the famous Dracula Castle. So why is this highway picturesque? Well, you have the Bucegi Mountains  on one side and Piatra Craiului mountain on the other. But that’s not all!

Bucegi Mountains in the background
Piatra Craiului mountain in the background

To the South-East you can admire the lesser known Western side of the Bucegi mountains. The most well known side of these mountains is the Eastern one that you can admire from the crowded and touristy Prahova Valley.

To the North-West you’ll be amazed by the beautiful, sharp and impressive Piatra Craiului ridge. From far away it seems to be an impenetrable fortress made of rock with high walls and no ways in.

The picturesque side of this highway lays between these two beautiful mountains. It’s the green hills and valleys, the forests and the scattered houses that make this place magical and literally seems part of a beautiful fairytale. The scattered villages seem to be somewhere lost in time and eternally peaceful. These villages are one of the most picturesque in Romania and tourists start visiting them and their beautiful surroundings.

If you continue reading about our adventures you’ll soon discover our experience from such a village, here between the Bucegi and Piatra Craiului mountains.

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Bucegi Mountains in the background

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