The Christmas Fair in Sibiu

Since it became European Capital of Culture in 2007, Sibiu’s tourism flourished. The good news is that Sibiu is not only living on its past title of European Capital of Culture but a lot of investments have been done in the quality tourism that you can find in Sibiu.

Sibiu hosts tens of cultural events each year and not any cultural and artistic events but the highest quality ones. Among the most appreciated is the International Theatre Festival which gathers hundreds of artists from tens of countries, complex equipment and dedicated professionals. We recommend you take part at this amazing show each year in June 🙂

lights covering Sibiu Grand Square

Another amazing event that Sibiu hosts is the Christmas Fair. It is held in the Grand Square and has the most beautiful Christmas lighting and decorations that you can find in Romania. It’s like a fairy-tale. Beside tens of wooden houses, where you can buy all kinds of international and Romanian Christmas goodies, you can also find a rink and a lot of cool stuff for children such as a carousel and a mini train.
Walking through the wooden houses in the Grand Square, you can’t help yourself buy some lollipops, jelly, peanut praline,  pralines berries and in general anything with excess sugar 🙂 The atmosphere is very friendly, everyone is cheerful and drinking some mulled wine to warm up.

Christmas goodies
Christmas goodies

We spent our Christmas here in 2013 and it was brilliant. We were surprised by the beauty of the design and the scale of everything linked to this fair. For example, most of the Grand Square was covered by a net of Christmas lights.

It’s one of the few cities in Romania where it’s worth going on a Christmas city-break. We hope you will visit this beautiful city. It’s one of the most beautiful ones in Romania! 🙂

net of lights over the Grand Square
Christmas decorations on buildings
Pralines all over 🙂

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