Șipot waterfalls – the unknown wonder

We heard about this place by pure chance while watching a local TV show. Șipot Waterfalls are very close to the small village of Petros in Hunedoara county. The beauty of this place is given by the small Petros river which, from its spring until it spills into the Strei river, forms a chain of waterfalls. It crosses a virgin forest and the saturated green colour which dominates the landscape amazes the eye.

Brief useful information:

Date: 1st of May 2014
Required time: 5h (total time, including breaks)
Difficulty: medium (short portions of steep climbing, the trail is narrow in some places and there is a risk of slipping on wet leaves)
Signposting: nonexistent, follow the right bank of the Șipot river, the trail is pretty obvious
Equipment: boots, trekking poles (for better stability)
On the DN66/E79 road turn towards the village of Petros. Cross the entire village and after the last house in the village you should have 6 km of dirt road remaining until you reach the end of the journey by car. The road is pretty OK, any car can go on it. There are two or three places where you need to be more careful because the road is uneven and you must go slower. You will go along the Strei river until you see the Șipot river spilling in it. You have the exact location of the recorded GPS track at the end of the article.
You will cross a very small bridge over the Șipot river (which flows from your right at this point and heads to the Strei river which is on your left). Immediately after this small bridge there is a green board indicating towards a cave called Tecuri which you can find at the end of your journey of the Șipot waterfalls. 20 meters away from this board there is a clearing on the right where you can leave you car and head on the trail. Unfortunately we did not manage to visit Tecuri cave (I heard it’s spectacular) because we didn’t have time and most importantly it’s off limits to the public. It’s a protected environment and only researchers are granted access there as far as we know.
We had a lot of trouble with this trail because it was only the third time we came here that we were able to get to the end of it. The first time we missed the place where we should have stopped the car. The second time we got here pretty late, there was a storm coming and after doing about half of it we decided to turn back, just to be safe 🙂 So here we are, our third time round, we made it. And it was certainly worth the effort as you will discover 😀
The first part of the trail runs through a fairly wide footpath sometimes slightly intersecting the Șipot river bank on some big boulders. You have to be very careful here since it’s very easy to slip off. Then you reach a hydrological planning and here you must pay attention because the trail goes straight up to the left in a steep but short climb. You’re about 10 minutes into your journey and you ain’t seen nothing yet 🙂
After you climb this steep part, but no longer than 15 meters, the footpath narrows very much and is pretty high up from the Șipot river and will remains like this for some time. Until the end of the journey you will have the Șipot river to your right.
As we continued we were struck by the thickness of the leaf layers that we were walking on. Layers upon layers of dead leaves beneath us. Maybe tenths of years of collecting has formed 4-5 meters high leaf layer. It’s quite incredible. I managed to find out how thick the leaves layer was when I wanted to take some photos near the river bank and had to leave the trail. I fell almost to my neck in leaves :)))
By walking on the footpath going up and down you can only admire nature’s design of things. Everything has an order in this apparent chaos. Every big thing requires little things in order for them to work and look in a certain way. The waterfalls become bigger and bigger while going up the stream. The sound is superb and if you get close enough you can barely here someone else talking. It’s amazing! 🙂
In some points the trail comes near the water and you can see up close these small pools forming at the bottom of each waterfall. The water is crystal clear and it has an elegant turquoise colour which catches the eye and really makes you wonder if this is not heaven on Earth.
You just need to look at these pictures to realise how perfect it is here. The colours, the placement, the sounds, the feel are all perfect. The grey aggressive big boulders combine with the elegant flows of water, small pools, rust-coloured dead leaves and the extremely saturated green forest. I think I never saw a greener green if I may say so.  The forest is so dense and so peaceful. There are no tourists, no people. It’s a good place to be if you need some peace and quiet and just want to enjoy nature at its best!
This is the fairy tale background through which you are concluding you journey. The further you go the bigger and more impressive the background. It’s incredible!
You’ll notice the end of the trail when you reach a beautiful place where the Șipot river’s course forks and you can see the raging torrents of water coming from uphill. The right part is the most spectacular one but the magnitude of this place is incredible. It’s a true glorious finale for this amazing and completely unknown place. Not even locals don’t all know about this place which makes me feel extremely privileged to have been here.
Not only are the raging and enormous waterfalls at the end amazing but if you look up you can see that this valley is sealed by an enormous rock wall, I would say over 100 meters high just standing upright at 90 degrees. It’s an astonishing site and it makes you feel very small compared to the greatness of this place.
We ended our journey here but I think we could have gone a little further somehow on the big boulders forming the giant waterfalls. Unfortunately we spent so much time taking photos that we were kind of late again and we didn’t want to go back in the dark. I encourage you to come to this absolutely beautiful place that you will find in no travel guide and observe nature at its finest 🙂
We recommend coming here in spring preferably after a heavy rain so that the waterfalls have the maximum power and the maximum impression on you 🙂 Underneath you can find the map with the GPS track that we recorded. Don’t forget that you have a special app with all the GPS tracks and POIs in the menu on the top left.

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