Skiing in Poiana Brașov

In the 2016 – 2017 ski season we are set on discovering as many ski slopes as possible in Romania. Of course, ski slopes that we haven’t skied on yet. The ski infrastructure in Romania is not very competitive, we know, but nevertheless we want to see exactly what are the ski conditions in Romania. So, after we skied a little in Păltiniș near Sibiu we headed to the famous Poiana Brașov, near Brașov of course 😋

Since accommodation in Poiana Brașov is quite expensive, we found much cheaper and convenient accommodation in Râșnov. It’s a city we’re fond of and it’s only 15 minutes away by car from Poiana Brașov!

In the morning, at about 9 AM we get up to Poiana Brașov. First problem: parking the car! We first entered the big parking lot exactly at the beginning of the resort but we soon found out that we had quite a long walk to the ski slopes: about 15 minutes in the ski equipment. Not so comfortable! Then we tried another public parking but it was full. Then there are some private parking lots close to the ski slopes but they’re pretty expensive (12 lei/hour, ~ 3 euro/hour). Finally we had to turn back but soon found a free space closer to the ski slopes in the public parking area which costs only 12 lei/day!

The second problem: buying the ski passes! There were queues at every single ticket office. We waited for at least 30 minutes to buy them and discovered that the ski passes here cost almost double compared to the rest of the ski resorts in Romania: 145 lei/day (~ 33 euro/day). You do have several options for ski passes including for several hours and with points so it is a flexible ski pass system. However we were starting to feel this ski resort’s celebrity status in our pockets 😕

After another 30 minutes queue at the gondola (even though this was a Thursday, not during a weekend) we finally manage to reach the top of the Postăvaru Mountain! The gondolas are new and travel fast. Infrastructure here is quite good, hence the prices.
Since our skiing is at an intermediate level we chose Drumul Roșu ski slope (The Red Road ski slope) which is more than 4 km long and (I think) it’s the longest one in Romania. It’s an easy ski slope (blue) and in some points it’s basically a road that is no wider the 5 meters which can be quite narrow when it’s crowded.

And yes, it was sooo crowded! We’ve also tried another ski slope, Sulinar (red ski slope), but there were several sections with ice on it and we only skied on it partially since it intersects with Drumul Roșu ski slope. I bet the black ski slope (and there are several ones) were much less crowded but we need to enhance our skills in order to ski on them 😋
While skiing on the Drumul Roșu ski slope you can stop at the Postăvaru Cabin. Here you can have something to eat and drink. The views towards the Bucegi Mountains that you can see from its terrace is amazing. It’s really beautiful here! But, as everywhere here in Poiana Brașov, there has to be another queue, this time for a hot tea. 30 minutes wait!

We must admit that we were frustrated in Poiana Brașov. The ski resort is very beautiful and has nice buildings but it was too crowded. It was a vacation period for children and Russians and Moldavians were celebrating Christmas (according to an old Orthodox calendar) so this was the main cause. We recommend you come here during the week when there are no vacations so that you can fully appreciate the beauty of this place and enjoy skiing here 😉
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