Șoimoș Fortress – a window towards the Mureș valley

Located in the town of Lipova, Arad county, Șoimoș Fortress guards the Mureș river valley being positioned in a strategic place: where the Mureș valley meets the Zărand Moutains and the hills of Lipova.

If you want to climb to the fortress you can do that from DN 7/ E 68 road which links Arad to Deva, exactly at the entrance in Lipova when coming from Deva. There’s also a small parking lot where you can leave you car.

Brief useful information:

Distance: 700 m
Duration: 15 min (one-way)
Difficulty: easy
Signpost: non existing, the trail is obvious
Ticket: no ticket required

trail leading to the fortress
trail leading to the fortress

You climb a very obvious trail for about 15 minutes. It’s an easy climb. There are other routes to get up to the fortress but the most obvious one is also the easiest one 🙂 As always, we provide the GPS track for you guys to find it and not get lost 🙂 So, after a short climb you reach the fortress, up on top of the rocky Zărand Mountains ridge overlooking the Mureș valley. You’ll discover a fantastic panorama towards the valley, towards Lipova and towards the Zărand Mountains.

trail leading to the fortress
Mureș Valley

Built at the end of the 13th century by a noble family, the fortress changed owners quite often with years passing by. In our days it’s nobody’s unfortunately. Fortunately it held up pretty well and you can observe much of the way the fortress was structured, but it’s not far away from becoming only ruins or less.
The fortress once had a suspended footbridge held by several giant stone pylons. These pylons can still be seen but the footbridge does not exist anymore. Considering the circumstances it’s astonishing that much of the original structure is still standing after 800 years.

window to the sky
window to the sky

The courtyard is quite big: 35 meters wide by 22 meters long. From the courtyard you are able to see much of the remaining structure. You can tell that the fortress had at least two floors because several support beams are visible. A lot of tourists come and camp inside the fortress. They also make grills and sometimes leave garbage behind. None the less, it’s not as bad as it could be considering that there is now care taker hired to look out for this beautiful fortress.

suspended footbridge support pylons
panorama towards Lipova

The most beautiful thing here is the view! You have an incredible panorama over the Mureș valley and it’s particularly better at sunset. In the courtyard there is a hole in the thick stone defence walls through which you can look to the town of Lipova. It’s a perfect place to take pictures and we took our branded T-shirt photos here also 😀

sunset through the fortress walls
our branded T-shirts 🙂

We hope that very soon this beautiful fortress wins its glory back and also its architectural beauty via a restoration program. If it would undergo restoration works it would be in the Top 5 most beautiful fortresses in Romania! The fortress is beautiful, the view is magnificent, the climb is short and easy, so you have no reason not to come here and see it next time you pass through Lipova! 🙂
Below you can find some more images from the fortress and after them you can see the map with the GPS track to the fortress:


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