Towards Țarcu Peak in winter

In the past couple of years we discovered that hiking in winter can be more rewarding than in other seasons.

Thus we started to be more active when there’s snow in the mountains and of the trails we tried was towards Țarcu Peak (2190 m) in the Țarcu Mountains (South – West Romania).

Brief useful information:

  • Date: January2017
  • Route: Șaua Jigoriei – Cuntu Cabin – Țarcu ridge (1900 m)
  • Signposting
  • Duration: 3.5 – 4 h
  • Distance: 7.5 km
  • Difficulty: 7/10
  • See the track on the map

At the end of a 2 hours car ride from Timișoara to Șaua Jigoriei we finally reach the start of the trail which must be one of the favourite trails of the mountaineers from Timișoara.

We leave the car in a hair pin curve just on the edge of the road leading up to Muntele Mic ski resort and continue on the forest road which climbs and descends several times until it enters the forest.

After a more intense climb and about 1 hour since we started, we reach the meadow you can see in the image below and we get our first glimpse of the Țarcu Mountains ridge.

We had some problems with the snow since in the lower areas in the forest it was pretty deep so next time we’ll have some snowshoes.

The climb through the forest seems never ending but after 2 hours we get out of the forest and reach Cuntu Meteorological Station and the Cuntu Cabin.

Now we also see the beautiful mountain ridge from a closer distance and we’re excited to climb up there. But first, lunch! 🙂

After leaving Cuntu we start realising that the word which best describes these mountains is wind.

The wind is very bad since it makes us tired, it dehydrates us and also freezes the snow on the surface.

Although in the first part of climbing up on the ridge we were fighting against deep snow, as we go higher we’re having real trouble with the ice. It’s almost impossible to simply stand and not slip.

So, we advice you to be prepared with crampons and snowshoes.

We’re fighting the ice, the snow and the windThis fight wore us down and made us loose a lot of time.

We reach the main ridge of the Țarcu Mountains 2 hours after leaving Cuntu Cabin.

It was past 3 PM when we decided to stop. This peak was for another time!

We stopped at about 1900 m altitude on the edge of a ravine just under Țarcu Peak.

As a matter of fact we can see the meteorological station which lays on the peak, We must be an hour – an hour and a half away from it.

However we decided to stay here, admire the panorama and head back.

We head back to the car a bit disappointed because we didn’t have all the necessary equipment which would have helped not to loose so much time and reach the peak.

We walk back on the same trail we used to get here and when we reach the meadow Țarcu Mountains offer us a last spectacular image with its ridge in the sunset light.

Beautiful 🙂

Our route on the map:

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