Amazing Padiș – The frozen Bulbuci Waterfall and Ciungilor rock

This winter season was the most prolific ever! We managed to do more winter trails this winter than in all the previous winters combined. Actually until now we were pretty intimidated to do mountain trails during winter, filled with snow. The key, as we’ve learnt, is to do it progressively. Anyway, we were charmed and I think us and winter tours will have a long love story from now on 😊

Brief useful information:
Date: 29th of December 2016
Route: DJ763 (entrance in the Boga village) – Ciungilor Rock – Bulbuci Waterfall
Distance: 2.3 km
Slope+315 m/ -113 m
Duration: 3 h(breaks included)
Difficulty: medium (starts off with a steep climb and there’s a steep descent to the watrefall)

We found out about this trail from a travel site dedicated to the beautiful Bihor county: Bihor in imagini (Bihor in images). We were planning on staying for a couple of days in the area close to Padiș and were looking what nice trails we can do here. We found this one, going to Bulbuci Waterfall.

The trail starts at the crossroad between the road leading up to Padiș and the entrance in the Boga village. It starts off with a really steep climb that we couldn’t do because of the deep snow and the steep angle. We avoided this part by taking it to the left and then going straight up through the forest. It was steep but a much safer steepness 😋 Finally we meet again with the signposting that we’ll follow this entire trail.
After half an hour of continuous climb through the forest, the first bit being pretty steep, we reach a very nice viewpoint. What a beautiful panorama we get to see here! We’re right above Boga Village and we can see the beautiful Boga Valley covered in snow. In the top right part we can also see The Boga Rocks and all the area beneath them called The Boga Amphitheatre

This place is awesome but also quite intimidating since we’re literally on the verge of the mountain and a several hundred meters drop below us. From here on we hike on the most spectacular part of this trail. We’ll walk on the ridge of the mountain and we’ll constantly have the abyss and the beautiful panorama to our left and the forest covered in snow to our right. It’s beautiful! Images below.
After almost 2 hours since we started the trail we reach today’s first objective: Ciungilor Rock. We swiftly make a detour to the left straight up for about 2 minutes. We quickly climb over a rock with an extraordinary view of the area and with an intimidating abyss under it. If you don’t get along with heights, I don’t recommend climbing here 😋

This is a the best spot to see The Boga Rocks up in the mountains where we were going to get too the following day. The 360 degrees view is simply amazing. We see The Boga Rocks, Boga Valley, the winding road leading up to Padiș, beautiful forests, mountain tops covered in snow and the huge abyss. What else can you wish for? Amazing! 😊
Such a beautiful panorama point. Such a beautiful landscape! Several pictures later we get back on the trail we abandoned for a short while and continue to Bulbuci Waterfall. First we descend on a pretty steep trail through the forest then we soon reach a forest road.

If you go the right you’ll finally reach the asphalted road that goes up to Padiș. We took left in order to get to the waterfall after which we’ll come back on this road to get back to our cars.
After we intersected with the forest road we only have about 20 minutes until Bulbuci Waterfall. Believe me, it’s worth going to this waterfall! So, we go on the forest road, we soon cross a small creek and then a signposting to our left (double blue circle – menaing dead end trail) indicates the way to the Bulbuci Waterfall.

The descent is quite steep but it’s short and you’ll immediately get to this true jewel: a 20 meters high overhanging waterfall. This means it’s one of those rare waterfalls that you can get behind of. There’s also a bonus if you come here in winter and the temperature is low enough: the waterfall is frozen😎 Images below.

As you can see in the images above, this waterfall is trully amazing! We were so lucky to find it in this state: frozen on the outside while the water was pouring in the inside. The sound, the view, the magnitude!  There’s some more good news. If you don’t want to do the entire trail that we did and you only want to see this waterfall you can do it very easy by going up with the car on the asphalt road going up to Padiș and then continue on foot on this forest road.

The way back to the cars was basically on the forest road and our plan was to get to the asphalt road and then follow it down to the cars. However, before getting to the asphalt road we intersected with another forest road going to the right and we checked our map and saw that there should be a trail which should get us quicker to Boga village (we were a bit late because we stopped to admire the sunset in the image below 😋).

So we followed a rather washed-upsignposting if I remember correctly. It cuts all the corners that the asphalt road makes so the distance is much shorter. We eventually reach the asphalt road just about 200 m before the entrance in the Boga village where we left our cars. You have all the details in the maps below 😊
 Our route on the map:
The return to Boga:

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