The green tunnel of love

There was quite a lot of sensation regarding the photo/love tunnel in Romania in the online environment. We decided to discover it ourselves and we found it in the Banat region 🙂

After we read a lot of articles about it we didn’t find exact information regarding where it is, just an approximate area. So we studied the map and we narrowed it down to a railroad between the villages of Obreja and Glimboca near the city of Caransebeș. 

After you exit Obreja (in the direction Caransebeș – Hațeg) on the DN 68 highway you’ll see a small access road towards the farmlands on your right hand side. You can enter with pretty much any usual car. The only delicate part is when you exit the main road and enter this access road. That part is a bit steep and you need to go slower.

The beauty of this natural tunnel formed on the railroad towards Caransebeș is given by the vegetation on the sides of the railroad. The tree’s canopies on one side and the other is joined to give the impression that you step into a tunnel of vegetation, brightly coloured. A beautiful show offered by mother nature that amazes the eye.

Romania’s photo/love tunnel

Romania’s photo/love tunnel

Romania’s photo/love tunnel

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