The Sequoia tree in Măderat

In this post we’re writing about a tree! Yes, a tree! Well not any tree, a Sequoia tree to be exact 😀

There are 10 of these giant trees planted all over Romania, and one of them is in this village, called Măderat in Arad county (Western Romania). Since we’re from Arad we thought we go see this place which is only 40 km away from the city.

These giant trees usually grow only in California, USA since they need a special growing climate. They can get as big as over 100 m high and tens of meters wide at the bottom. Mind you that they get to this size in thousands of years! They are Earth’s living giants! The biggest Sequoia tree in the world is 115 m high and can be found in Redwood National Park, but the exact spot is a secret in order to protect it from vandals.
 The Sequoia tree in Măderat is part of a trio. At least one of them was hit by lightning and you can see it carbonised next to the one I shot in the pictures. The road leading to this tree is freshly modernised and it’s very easy to reach it. The are surrounding the tree is absolutely beautiful and picturesque and is filled with vine! 🙂

The standing tree here stands 35 meters high and has a 5 meters diameter at the bottom. Its canopy is beautiful, rich and well proportioned. It’s definitely a distinctive landmark in this area completely assaulted by vines 😀
You can find the Sequoia tree here:

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