The stone church in Densuș

One of the most interesting (and atypical) churches in Romania can be found in Densuș, 13 km away from the town of Hațeg. It’s atypical because you rarely see a stone Orthodox church in Romania. We liked it a lot event though it’s a bit strange since it doesn’t fit the traditional churches architecture in our country.

 In June 2016 we had a 3-days mini-vacation and our initial plans got cancelled due to bad weather in the Trascău Mountains where we wanted to go 🙁
So on the last stretch we decided to do a small tour which included the area near Hațeg  and the Făgăraș Mountains. For more about the other places where we adventured to, stay tuned 🙂 Until then let’s tell you about what we did here, in Densuș.
 Getting here is pretty easy by car. Turn left towards Peșteana when on the DN 68 road from Oțelul Roșu to Hațeg.

The road is asphalted up to the church but I must admit it’s not the greatest road in the world. It has quite a few bumps which will make you go slower. No worries though, since you have really nice panoramas towards the beautiful Retezat Mountains from here 😀
You’ll find a parking just at the base of the hill on top of which the church is constructed. From here you have just a few steps to go in order to see this beauty.

Its name is Saint Nicholas Church and it’s an Orthodox church which was built on top of the ruins of an ancient building dating from the 4th century. The current building dates back to the 13th century and is one of the oldest Bizantine – rite churches in Romania.
 I was impressed by the stone slabs which make up the outside walls of the church. The entire roof is made out of slim stone slabs as well!

Another interesting architectural detail is the brick belts that visually separate the three volumes of the tower of the church. On the Northern side you can find another atypical architectural detail: the beautiful stone columns integrated in the church’s wall (see the upper and lower image).
The church is surrounded by a cemetery and unfortunately you cannot visit it on the inside. At least that was the case when we were there. Maybe you’ll be luckier 🙂

We liked this place a lot. There’s so much peace and quiet here which fill your heart. It’s certainly worth taking a small detour to see this unique church! 🙂

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