The amazing Vânturătoarea Waterfall

Our no.50 post is about an amazing place we’ve recently been to: Vânturătoarea Waterfall near Băile Herculane resort. This is, in our opinion, the most beautiful waterfall in Romania! 🙂 Not only we had big expectations, but when we got there they were completely blown away. It was even better then we’ve expected. This waterfall is amazing, beautiful, elegant, impressive and spectacular!

We haven’t finished with the epithets just yet! 😀 However let’s start with the beginning and let us tell you that right from start we had a brilliant day as we visited Țășnei Gorges. More about them in a separate post. The next half of the day was reserved for Vânturătoarea. So we started the steep climb through the forest to get to it, but it was totally worth it!

sky games
The bridge over Cerna river where the trails begins

Brief useful information:
Date: 3rd of May 2015
Duration: 1h (one way), 2.5h (both ways, breaks included)
Slope: + 320 m
Distance: 1.4 km
*At the end of the post you can find the map with the GPS track we recorded

The trail starts at the bridge over the Cerna river situated at the very end of Prisaca Lake (photo above), just before getting to Dumbrava Motel when you come from Băile Herculane. After passing over the bridge take right (be careful not to go left since there you can also find a forest road) and immediately start the steep climb as you enter the forest onsignposting. Got to tell you that the climb doesn’t cut you any slack but at least the trail is through the forest and you don’t have to worry about the sun.

steep climb, visible signposting, may your legs be with you
trail through the forest
short portions of flat trail

As I said, the trail starts with a pretty steep climb but it alternates with short portions of flat terrain, but after that up we go again… You need to make a bit of effort to reach such a beautiful place! 🙂 We recommend mountain boots here because there are a lot of places where you can slip.

After passing the two thirds barrier you get to a really cool panorama point where you can see two awesome sights: first is the waterfall itself from a distance and then a beautiful panorama over a part of the Mehedinți Mountains (see the images below).

Vânturătoarea waterfall from the panorama point. Almost there!
Panorama towards the Mehedinți Mountains
Better with the zoom lens 😀

10 minutes later and you’re there! You can see this beautiful waterfall from a close distance. It overwhelms you from the start. There’s no other way to put it. The water falls from somewhere over a huge rock wall. It’s really impressive! It has a 40 meters free fall which makes it the biggest water free fall in Romania! 🙂

The bottom part of the stone wall is overhanging so that you are able to go behind the waterfall. This is simply amazing! Actually this waterfall has 360 horizontal viewing angle and you can also see it from the bottom and from the top. It’s brilliant! 🙂 We’ve been to see it from almost all the angles. We couldn’t make it to the top however since we had no time. Pictures from all angles below:

Vânturătoarea Waterfall
Vânturătoarea Waterfall
Vânturătoarea Waterfall
Vânturătoarea Waterfall
Vânturătoarea Waterfall

Its name, Vânturătoarea (translation: fan/fanner), is easy to understand once you see it in action. Its free fall is shortly interrupted by a stone step about halfway up. So from this point down the water is much more airy and any small breeze can blow the fine water drops in any direction. Actually we got a few fine showers because of this :))

We guarantee that this place is awesome and is one of those special places, like Stan’s Valley, that simply leave you in awe by its beauty! There are many waterfalls in Romania, and many beautiful ones but we dare to say that we love this one and it is the most beautiful one! 🙂

So next time when you plan a trip to Băile Herculane be sure to add this to your itinerary. It’s a must, no doubt about it! 🙂

As usual, you can find the map with the GPS track we recorded just a bit below, at the end of the post.

Vânturătoarea Waterfall
Vânturătoarea Waterfall

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